Addaura is a leading independent strategy and corporate advisory boutique focused on financial services based in London. Our value proposition is centered around executing transformational business ideas that create value through knowledge, evidence-based analysis and a creative approach to solving business problems. We help clients shape the corporate agenda by delivering lasting organizational change through transformation. We focus on delivering significant sustainable value to our clients.  Addaura provides functional expertise across five focus areas:

Corporate Development

Strategy – we work with organizations to determine new market opportunities, develop market entry strategy and identify growth opportunities. We work with our clients on customer channels and competitive strategy both at group and business unit level. Together with our clients we shape and optimize the business portfolio taking into account risk appetite and capital considerations.  We have extensive experience gained from both top tier strategy firms and line responsibilities gained in industry

Performance Improvement/ Cost Reduction – we work with organizations to help them achieve lasting cost reductions, improve operational efficiencies and meet aggressive revenue/ growth targets. We deploy a broad range of tools to improve the performance of organizations including: lean, six sigma, cash/ capital management, capability sourcing, supply chain management, complexity management and business process redesign/ outsourcing

Transformation/ Change/ Organizational Effectiveness – we work with organizations to help them develop agile, cost effective and efficient target operating models make use of digital tools to create a flexible a future proof IT and operating environment. We are agents of change and have successfully transformed organizations using lean/ six sigma and proven methodologies to embed lasting change in organizations

Analytics/ Big Data – we provide cross-industry solutions that draw on best in class analytical and digital solutions to make significant and lasting changes to the economics of the business model, create/ sustain competitive advantage, build client focused solutions and develop a cost effective operating model

Research – through our research capabilities, we provide in depth/ up to date research and analysis on competitor, industry and economic developments that support our best in class functional capabilities to provide cost effective solutions to our clients

Corporate Finance

Origination/ Identification and Development of Investment Ideas – we work with family offices, hedge funds and HNWIs on the identification and assessment of potential investment opportunities and help them identify the requirements to develop these ideas into suitable investments

Structuring – we help clients together with tax and legal advisors to identify the appropriate legal structure for each investment taking into account a broad range of factors and client preferences

Due Diligence/ Transaction Support – we support clients determine the merits of an potential investment through detailed operational and commercial due diligence and transaction support

Risk/ Capital Management

Risk Appetite Definition/ Strategy Alignment – we work with the Board and key stakeholders of financial institutions to help them determine an appropriate risk appetite for the organization taking into account strategy priorities, capital and funding constraints. We work with the Board to identify the optimal business portfolio given a stated risk appetite and explore how the current business portfolio needs to be changed

Integrated Risk/ Strategy and Capital Management – we help organizations determine the optimal corporate business portfolio mix using an integrated risk/ strategy approach and taking into account economic capital considerations.  We identify where structural changes to the portfolio are required and determine options for alignment

Regulatory Compliance/ Corporate Governance

Compliance – we help clients meet regulatory compliance across the complex web of local and international regulatory compliance requirements. Once compliance requirements are met, we help organizations gain higher economic returns and increase stakeholder confidence by and protecting against the adverse impacts of business disruption through the use of uses risk-adjusted performance management methods and tools

Business Impact Assessment – we help financial institutions identify forthcoming/ existing regulatory compliance requirements and determine the implication on commercial models, clients, business operating model and capital/ funding and corporate business portfolio

Wealth Management Advisory

Investment Due Diligence – we work with and supports family offices, hedge funds and HNWIs that want to use an independent third party to assess investment opportunities. We engage legal and tax advice where required to provide a comprehensive solutions to clients

Governance/ Structuring – we work with clients to identify appropriate governance requirements and develop subsequent ideas and structures that help clients achieve their objectives